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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jean Hiraga's Disks Dept. - Mauricio Kagel's Nah und Fern

I finally got it!!!

It's the last disk I STRONGLY wished after listening to in Koln, last November, which Jean brought with him as a sonic test-disk for Klaus' system.

... and it's truly AMAZING, musically and sonically... a recording which I place among the very best I own and ever listened to...

The young Markus Stockhausen (Karlheinz's son) and his trumpet are so beautiful and the bells, THE BELLS, folks... and the old keys in the bells tower door, the steps... and the traffic noises, THAT truck...

ALL is so lively and life-like... it's an absolute masterpiece: your audio system will smile while playing this disk.

Thanking Jean for his GREAT musical tastes...

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