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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Headfall - Stars don't shine to noise (2003)

Last Sunday morning, while lazily browsing vinyl discs bins at a local flea-market, I got attracted by this disc: a quite dull cover art and this garage-looking liner notes... including the hinting to "recorded on reel-to-reel", always MUCH welcome;-)

It looked like lo-fi, post-rock artifact from some obscure band... but... BUT, hey, they came from Bristol... WOW... decided to give them a try, for a couple coffees price-tag.

Back home I found a sad string of song... a faaaar away female voice, like singing from a distant room...

Guitars, piano, clarinet, violin... it sounded slightly reminding to me the Dictaphone's disc which Thomas Schick recently gifted to me... well, less classy and "clever", yet intriguing.

Chamber-rock... and despite the lo-fi approach (poor studio miking technique, wanted or unwanted...) worth a listen.

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