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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Arche' SRA headshell from Germany

This headshell really intrigues me... like weird,  one-of-a-kind Bosoeum "Big Nose" and Kimura Labs RS-3 from Japan, this German-made micro-mechanical beauty is weird and seldom-seen enough and - as a BIG plus -  promises a perfect SRA fine-tuning and cartridge aligning, something which combined with my own massive 22 kilos bronze armbase using Fidelity Research B-60 VTA will allow (virtually) all my cartridges to fully express their potential.

I guess I'll also need an USB-microscope like these... as the way we look at our cartridge diamond would be like this!

So, at RS Components, Dino-Lite's best models, including software, costs much less than other "voodoo" audiophile paraphernalia:-))): to become SRA/cartridges/analog best friend... WOW!

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