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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Breathing Nose Recording of the Month - Elvis Costello's "Let Me Tell You About Her" from 'North" (2003)

This 2003 disk, "North" by great Elvis Costello on Deutsche Gramophone... I got it when it was issued as a limited edition with DVD and bonus tracks... is a beauty, laid back, classy, relaxed disk... I enjoyed it a lot, this late afternoon, after an awful day of assorted job hassles...

Elvis' voice is soooo easy and truly healing my soul.

On track # 8 - i.e. "Let Me Tell You About Her" - a piano begins, elegant and smooth and, suddenly, you hear "it"!

Elvis stands in front of the mike, in the dimmed lights studio... and, before singing, he takes a deep breath... with his nose (see here below for details:-))... and you hear it with AMAZING clarity and trueness.

Then comes the voice.

Call me a lunatic, folks... BUT I repeated the listening in a friends (nice) system and... ZUT! nothing...

... or my Gotorama TRULY is performing in a seldom heard way or other system doesn't...

Biased or not... my friend looked at me like I was sick... nose breathing?

FOOL I am!

... but Deutsche Gramophone ton-meisters recorded "this" as well... and I heard, so "it" DOES exist...

So what?

As usual, nothing, dear Miles:-)))

I hear it... ergo sum.

Try it, pals... track # 8...

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