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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening and Closing (2001)

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum are an American Experimental rock band, formed in 1999 in Oakland, California. Some of the strange and unique names of some of the following instruments are custom built by the band. All current members sing either lead or backing vocals.

Michael Mellender
Guitar, Lever-action Lever, Pancreas (electric), Percussion, Tangularium, Toy Piano, Trumpet, Valhalla, Vatican, Wheel, Xylophone, Accordion, Euphonium
Matthias Bossi
Drums, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Piano, Xylophone, Melodica
Nils Frykdahl
Autoharp, Flutes, 6 & 12 String Guitar, Percussion Guitar, Tibetan Bells, Recorder
Carla Kihlstedt
Autoharp, Bass Harmonica, Electric violin, Nyckelharpa, Organ, Percussion guitar, Pump Organ
Dan Rathbun
Autoharp, Bass guitar, Lute, Sledgehammer-dulcimer/Slide-piano Log, Pedal-action Wiggler, Roach, Thing, Trombone, Recorder

The above the  cold hard facts... for us, this is a superb disk, reminding some Art Bears and Henry Cow music, where Carla Kihlstedt's voice is slightly smoother and less Brecht-like vs. Dagmar Krause's...

They're someway folkier than the above daredevils and, on some tracks, more hard rocking as well, a' la Opeth...

I found this disk VERY enjoyable and pleasant... some solutions, instruments blending and arrangements are very, very nice, indeed.

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