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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alchemy - Momix and (modern) dance music

Last Sunday evening I attended to a performance by Momix, the amazing dance group founded 30 years ago by Moses Pendleton in the USA... members changed several times, of course, but the group kept a very free-form dancing attitude, moving, always poetic, dreamy and music plays a BIG role in their performances, beautifully blending with coreographies, amazing video-art and overall mood.

Cleverly, before the performance, an A3 sized program is gladly given where, with some historical infos about Momix, ALL the music pieces are carefully quoted, with group name, disk title, track used and record label...

Very appreciated, folks;-)

Among Yo-Yo Ma's cello and Morricone's music, other more exotic and seldom heard groups and music are quoted...

Two among the many intrigued me a lot... "Oreobambo" - "Tollan" on EM Productions and "Skin to Skin" - "Temenos" on Waveform Records... on both: SUUUUPEEER low notes 2die4!

Music is far from being an ethnic/New Age pastiche... it's lively, intriguing, dynamic and, sure, while listening on my Gotorama, memory will return to Momix' performance.

I just ordered both disks at respective sites...

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