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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Audiopax Maggiore M100 from Brasil - six monos in a single chassis...

... hey, it vaguely looks like my own "project", the Thomas Mayer's Triamp:-)))

My own triamp - if really built and not only a drawing or a bunch of irons and tubes, as above - would have used 45 DHT for improved clarity and harmonic richness... yet a VERY limited power device, only for 105db+ speakers.

So clever who built it: it's always nice see that an idea can become real... too bad the designer of this nice amp - Eduardo de Lima - recently passed away... using brass for the chassis was OK... using KT 88... maybe an opinable choice,  yet mainstream audio asks for this...

I had a couple of emails swapping with this late gentleman in the past... he was very passionate and skilled and sure he WELL knew his craft.

Power is 16 W for six channels... sounds really cool and intriguing for multiamping... solid state Class A for bass, of course...

... mmmmhhhh...


CPruks said...

Hi, yours is a great and interesting Blog.
Audiopax is from Brazil, not Portugal.
Eduardo de Lima was a great guy, a caring person and a good friend.

twogoodears said...

Thanks for correcting my error... sad when a great guy and a friend passes away... and lots of lesser or ill-fated (thinking about some Nazis) people live 100+ years.
Best, S.

CPruks said...

Yes, there is no symmetry at all.
Eduardo's former business partner is continuing Audiopax, so I hope his legacy will stay alive.
Best Regards,