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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cantus linear-tracking arm by Rauna of Sweden

After eons only using 12 inches pivoted arms, I'll be soon deepening my knowledge of linear tracking arms... recently ordered a Cantus arm, attracted by its no frills, mechanical-only, clever approach, relative cheapness and... yes, because it was designed by the late, beloved Bo Hansson.

Also one of the most underrated, honestly priced and long-living projects on the market.

Will get it soon and use with a mighty ALLNIC's Verito Puritas MC cartridge... and in-slate "White Whale" Lenco/Goldring G-88... with brand new solid bronze bespoke platter!

Yeahhh... thanking Hakan Agborg (from Sweden) for his kindness and Moray James (from Canada) for his several writings and essays on the matter;-)

... and, last but not least, thanks to my friend David Beetles.

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