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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Music and its tools - Bob Dylan's Fender Stratocaster at 1965 Newport Folk Festival


This could be enough... a young, definitely hairy (...) Bob Dylan stepped Newport's festival with "that" Fender's electric guitar... and music changed...

... despite and also if Pete Seeger tried (or did it) to unplug amp mains-plug and Bob, bemused, retried it, after three electric songs, with his usual acoustic guitar and harmonica...

After decades into oblivion from that far July 25th, 1965, the Stratocaster reappeared in the hands of Dawn Peterson, the daughter of Victor Quinto, the aircraft pilot hired at the time by (Columbia's) Albert Grossman's management who specialized in rock stars taxing around, including His Bobness.

The guitar-in-its-case was forgotten in aircraft back seats and returning it to its owner was tempted several times, without results.

The Fender which was kept stored for decades in its flight case with a "Property of Ashes & Sand Inc." label - i.e. a small management company which Bob himself used at the time... as a plus, some handwritten (Dylan's songs) music-sheets were also found inside the case.

Everything seems compliant with stated Dylan's ownership or using at Newport, Fender's serial # - a 1964 vintage - included... BUT Bob's entourage and estate do not confirm (or NOT...)

Anyway, folks... that's it... I wish Mrs. Peterson she owns the real thing:-) as the axe could be worth USD 1,000,000.00 (or so...)

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