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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Park Wars

I was wondering, this morning while peeing Chicco at the park and we found this... yesterday morning it was OK, now it's badly damaged... the public stuff is, well, public, so yours, my own, everyone's... and, definitely, who can be so ill fated to hate... a bench!

I know, I know... it's only a bench, more serious bad things happens everywhere anytime, but...

Same I found in Milan's Malpensa airport, in Venice's train station... and graffitis are everywhere, from humble walls to historic palaces, BUT never experienced such a filthy in, say, Japan!!!

So, what's wrong with "my" country, folks?!?!

Vandals are in war with common people of goodwill, at the park and everywhere.

Let's peacefully fight them all...

1 comment:

Iain said...

Because Japan is a civilized society.... Same thing happening here in southern US and crime is rampant. Hard to have faith in the human race. What is the sign that a society is sick?