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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving Coils transformers or the Zenith of an obsession

A new star is born? Dunno;-)... yet, after extensively trying, enjoying, hating, loving, evaluating, purchasing and re-selling, owning and using about 30+ different Moving Coil transformers, both new and vintage, toroidal, permalloy, nickel coils, silver and copper wire, cheap and hideously expensive, salon and pawn shop sourced, by Haufe (more models), Neumann, Cotter, Lundhal, Ortofon (more models), Philips, Partridge (more models), Beyer (more models), Fidelity Research (more models), Yamamura, Miyajima, UTC, JS, Kanno, Uesugi, Harman Kardon, Western Electric, Triad, Peerless (more models) and Tango... I felt I was someway "ready" - as I learned "what" to look for in these humble audio gears in terms of sonic refinement, resolution and trueness - to try to give a voice, my own one, to my very musical tastes.

After some pondering and ifs and buts... I'm almost ready to give a try to my very own newly brewed, 1:50 Permalloy toroidal-core MC irons, as per my specs for low impedance and sensitivity cartridges.

The irons will be housed in one of those nice solid aluminium CNC machined boxes from South Korea;-)

Just kiddin', but... Audio Consulting of Switzerland... be prepared: a new star is born;-)))

Stay tuned...

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