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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Don Van Vliet's "Bat Chain Puller" - Capt. Beefheart's statement

The undusted and recently published for the first time ever by Zappa Estate and the agreement between Don's and Frank's widows "Bat Chain Puller" due to be published in 1976 is such a masterpiece which fully justify our passion, period.

Yesterday evening I throwed away the plastic wrapping and - feverish - put it in the Studer A-730... oh my, holy mother of all shits...

Echoes of "Lick my decals off, baby" and "Doc at Radar's Station", in Bob Ludwig's glory and super smooth and dynamic analog-like sound.

Several tracks are top-notch - I most of all loved the short, too short haiku-like guitar duets based instrumentals - BUT, as only seldomly happens, "Odd Job", track # 12, is a TRULY fantastic, weird genius-stroke... the usual, yet different and always brand-new electric guitars and Capt's voice interacting and interwoving to create an alien soundscape of Howling Wolf-esque of tough shiny aural beauty, desolate and fulgid.

Try to remember when you re-re-re-listened to a track in the attempt to someway capture the inner feeling, the truest sense of this uniqueness, its soul...

I had to repeat listening to, again and again, from track 9 to 12 (Odd Job) and then two more shots in a row.

What can I say more... buy it... they've been the best spent 45 euros of the month;-)... - yes, it's quite an expensive disk, maybe due to some Gail (Zappa's widow and Estate's boss) hungriness?

Dunno... yet, I strongly recommend it with a - I repeat - strong "buy it!".

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