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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

N.O.S. - New Old Stock Dept. - Jessamine from Portland, OR

Same ol' story... what's new? A group I never listened to or something which reached shop shelves yesterday?

I visited Boris' Beczar disc shop in Padua and he hinted to me about this group, Jessamine... shoegaze, space/rock, Soft Machine, Can, Neu!... and to me also Mazzy Star, Opeth (in their Damnation, only...) and Gastr del Sol... all this and more, ALL classy milk-shaked to create "something" new and intriguing enough to purchase is a single stroke all their original vinyls...

Enjoying and swinging on their old/new "songs"... the group disbanded in 2000, but their music sounds like it was played and recorded in 1971 or in 2013... a cool timeless feature:-)

A nice add to my discotheque... and to everyone into post-rock infinite declinations.

Give it a try, folks...


be muzik said...

ma anche no, now, or come diceva carole king (it's too late) !!!

twogoodears said...

bicos iu spik sou verigud inglis, Aivan:-)))?!?!
It's never too late... (Albert Beefs)