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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goldring Lenco G 88 is spinning

Thanking Peter and his Holy Hands, I'm enjoying my Lenco G 88 since this morning...

After pleasantly trying it with Kimura RS1A arm and Shure V15II for a couple sides, I swapped in a hurry to my usual dream combo - i.e. bronze armbase, Schick arm and Lumiere DST with Western Electric 618B MC transformer and - finally - I enjoyed the Lenco "non-sound", a turntable whose noise floor and silence background is TRULY superb and seldom heard... it's strongly reminding me my Garrardzilla 301:-)... a BIG compliment, as Lenco is so far from - say - homogenized EMT 930st sound... on Lenco, as I feel it's NOT only the merits of Schick and Lumiere, every record and track is so transparent and different to each other... you not only know BUT you also listen to a track appreciating if and when it's recorded the day before or after the previous... you "feel" the weather, humidity, climate difference during the recording... like on my Garrardzilla - say 8/10, Lenco vs. 301.

When a friend recently listened to a Savall/Kjiuken's viola da gamba duet on an Astree magnificient disc played on my Garrardzilla 301 with 13 kilos arm and super smooth bearings, he told me he felt for the very first time the living breathing and interplay of two living musicians seated elbow to elbow, NOT simply a recording... like during a very intimate concert... and it was his very first time with my system... me, myself and I, the owner and user of my system should be, sort-of, prepared to the above... BUT almost every time, my system surprises me... and the new entry, the Goldring Lenco G88 is also a VERY good magnifiying machine, a Zen - straight as an arrow - musical instrument... much welcome in my music room... and still a cheap, classy piece of gear.

Here are some actual pixes of the spinning G 88.

... now it will be easier completing, at last, the hauling and transfering of the Garrardzilla 301 on Ray's solid chassis... I TRULY cannot resist without my vinyls and I trust G88 will be a truly GREAT partner in the next weeks:-)

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