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Monday, April 30, 2012

Audio Whales Ltd.

Just back home from three days of love, peace and music...


Nope... Koln, Germany, folks...

Like whales have their Baja California's Cortez Sea buen retiro, my audio pals, Klaus, Bernd, Jean, Andrè, Julien, Reinhard, Doede... and myself of course... we NOW have our batteries re-charging place, Da Place for Da Men;-)))

With the soundtrack of Jean Guillot's (superb organ rendition) "Pictures at an Exhibition" on Dorian label, Jonathan Faralli's Percussion XX on Arts label (that prepared piano!!!), again Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an..." by James Levine and MET Orchestra on Deutsche Gramophone label (thanks a lot, Jean), Ondekoza's taiko drums on JVC label, Jaki Liebezeit and Burnt Friedman and Cream, Who, Miles... whatever we liked to play, for hours of pure enjoyment... blissfully swimming in the VERY best reproduced music, ever.

A sea of sound, deep, various, luscious and interesting, enriching...

Like whales, we already left Cortez Sea, heading up north to Alaska or something;-)

Our everyday lives are back, always the same BUT a little different, as well: a part of our soul is stronger, as friendship, empathy, that SUPERB seldom experienced friendly atmosphere is now part of it... it's newly inscribed in our DNA.

Thanks to the above friends, old and new... and awesome Moni and Klaus' warm hospitality.

Greeting you all with a joyous, playful jump out of water;-)


P.S - a more "serious" report will follow, with more appropriate pixes, as well...

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