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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amarcord Dept. - My very first phono cartridge Shure M75ED Mk2

The M75ED type2 is High Trackability Cartridge with ¾ to 1½ grams tracking weight.

This new improved cartridge offers sound re-creation performance never before available in its price class. Optimized design, parameters give superior high frequency trackability and overall performance second only to the peerless V-15 Type II Improved. Gem-quality "naked" diamond tip is mounted directly to the stylus bar to reduce effective stylus tip mass - and improve trackability. Bi-radial Elliptical Dynetic Stylus. De Luxe moulede housing assembly. An excellent cartridge choice for use in finest quality playback equipment.

Memory lane... it was my very first cartridge, ever... used with my Thorens TD 160 and TP-16 arm, Harman Kardon Citation 12 and 11 amp and pre-amp and Tandberg Studio Monitor speakers... no cables and audiophile fussiness, back in 1980: only music, music, music... and girls;-)!

Strange I'm using, these days, a N.O.S. Shure V15II in my Kimura RS1A rotary arm and it sounds gorgeous...

Thanks to Iain for his beautiful gal pix... I fell in love.

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