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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ears and hearing - In praise of silence

Yesterday I spent some hours in the mountains, at 1000 meters above sea level, spruces, bright sky, snow, sun, chilly air and... silence.

Nor my wife neither our beloved pup presence was able to bruise the amazing beauty of silence.

A fat, almost painful, yet heavenly silence... THE most perfect of silences... no in Ksar Ghilane, Tunisia or in Guatemala's Peten I had same deep sensation... the wind or the insects or the birds were someway - yet beautiful - disturbing.

Being in the mountains in winter in a sunny bright day... that's the trick... no cars, airplanes, bikes, burglars, crowd, only the forest, snowy smooth, the naked trees (oaks) and spruces... still, magnificient; pure colours, pure silence... purest of... what?!?!?

What's silence?

Is it death hinting?

Is it a pause of life?

Is it emptiness?

Is it something to search and to look for or to step away?

... as an improvising musician, silence is a canvas and my best friend... notes, sounds coming from an instrument or a voice cannot exist without silence...

Music without silence is... well, noise.

... back to yesterday... the silence was surprising, as it sort-of captured me with its quality...

Was it deep, shiny?

Was it excessive?

Can beauty be "excessive"?

Who am I to describe or understand silence?

Is it somehow "useful" or cool or important to talk about silence?

In my opinion, definitely "YES!"

Silence is fullness of life... the supreme emptiness to be filled by nature and whole creation sounds...

I loved it as silence speaks when words cannot.

I love it!

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