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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fovea Hex - the "Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent" EP trilogy

A seldom heard - fractal like the disks covers - music and a seldom quoted group of artists, under this brand-name... Fovea Hex: imagine Brian Eno, Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp and Donal Lunny with haunting voice by Clodagh Simonds... re-creating folk, in psych/avantgarde sauce...

Amazing music, indeed, in these 3 x EP/single-(boxed) disks... thanking my friend Franz;-) - the italian one.

BTW and FYI... "The Fovea is a tiny indentation in the retina where the sharpest vision is. Hex can mean various things — amongst other meanings, a jinx or a curse. In a way, to me, Fovea Hex means something like "through a glass darkly".

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