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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday's disc - Jonathan Wilson's Gentle Spirit on Bellaunion

A great, great disc, pals... it's a double vinyl recorded in (ex) LaurelCanyon's glorious analog sound - i.e. the full analog studio relocated always in LA suburbs as Five Star Sudios, previously in LA's hills and now in Echo Park, BUT always loaded of Neumann's Pultech's Neve's and other goodies... and the sound will let you hear the difference between Pro-Tool and the above!

Jonathan Wilson is a (someway) romantic guy born in 1974 but whose tits-milk was CSN&Y, Jackson Browne and all "our" heroes hinted.

I love, TRULY love when a youngster follow (and often improves) THE fathers' path:-)

It's sort-of a smoth revolution... evolution?!?! "Natural Rhapsody" on side two will give shivers and shivers and shivers...

Stop kiddin'.... go and buy it... vinyl is SPECIAL and will make your ears, heart and audio system HAPPY!

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