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Thursday, October 13, 2011


... not thinking about "that" tango... yes, it's among sexiest dance and Astor Piazzolla's (related) bandoneon is - musically - ne-plus-ultra, but I'm right now talking about another VERY musical (kind of) Tango... the transformers maker... and, again, not ISO-Tango, the re-born Tango, BUT "The" original Japanese manufacturer-extraordinaire which winded among the very best audio irons, period.

It seems almost impossible some copper wire and mu-metal may be compared to an orchestra director baton or a cellist bow... but so it is, at least to me:-)

It's a miracle, truly reaching music core and soul.

What's these days in my mind it's a new (audio) dish... here are the ingredients: Western Electric 416C aka the "Golden Triode" - thanking my friend Daniele "Ansa High-Tension" Ansaloni sensei-san:-)) for the definition - Tango EQ-600P LCR RIAA and Tango MCT-999 to build "the" sonically ultimate or so phono-stage, ever.

An Italian/German new adventure as Thomas Mayer will masterfully cook the recipe as the Prince of the (audio) Chefs... great inspiration came - for Thomas and myself - from Daniele's great site and so passionate and in-deep searches about the weird WE 416 B/C: will 416 surpass and go beyond the GREAT harmonic merits of, say, Her Highness WE 437A or Her Majesty Telefunken EC 8020?

As usually, a doubt: are the above questions ethically proper, now? What makes audio bespoke brewing and playback advancement as among the most rewarding passion, ever... also these so shaking and shockingly heavy and unsecure days: Music, art, care for details and passion, search for elevating our soul to "something" higher than alien mother-fuckers stock-markets speculating habits which are sadly trying to supersede what Man is and must be after: pleasure, peace, love... music!

So, folks... Tangoooooo!!!

Stay tuned;-)

1 comment:

VinylSavor said...

Hi Stefano,

I'm looking forward to dive into the adventure of developing with this unusual tube. This will be an exciting and challenging project!

best regards