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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The most perfect song - Bjork's "Scatterheart"

... I love Bjork since her Sugarcubes' early steps... Vespertine and Medulla are in my DNA... BUT "SelmaSongs" is... in my blood.

Yesterday I had an extremely pleasant and absorbing aural experience while listening to this disk of the little, GREAT Icelander elf...

The orchestra, the voice, the electronics... her melodies and musical vision in this OST reminds me to the weird, naked "beauty" of Lars von Trier's movie - "Dancer in the Dark" - which - largely - is what it is thanking both Bjork's acting and music, as well.

All the disk is amazingly great... BUT "Scatterheart" is a song of painful beauty... and, definitely, the ultimate Bjork, period.

Subbass 2die4 sounds, strings, lush strings and... that voice and heavenly melody.

I strongly suggest everyone who's not sadly aware of this very disk to give it a try.

... and, yes, you owe to me a cigar!

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