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Friday, October 21, 2011

John Martyn's Solid Air... a cover

After trying and trying for years... sure NOT the most difficult tune I know, but I wasn't able to play it fluidly and fluently on my six strings acoustic guitar; few months ago.... bang!... I found this on YouTube and... well, Rich saved me;-)))

Knowing the tuning - a weird one, I admit - i.e. C-G-D#-F-A#-D - wasn't so easy, I say... but this cool guy taught to me ALL: tuning, fingering, slapping, vocals and overall feeling of that superb song!

It's the proof a master (Rich, in this case....) tells more than any music-sheet/tablature, which wasn't able to give to me the real thing, that twangy, laid back feeling, the late John Martyn gave us all as first track of his seminal, blasting Island disc, decades ago!

So, thanks a lot, Rich... and thanks, dear John!

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