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Sunday, October 30, 2011

David Munrow

... to do NOT forget him, here is a truly superb site held by Robert Searle and lovingly dedicated to the memory and music of the late David Munrow... the Pied Piper, from the title of the radio program he held for 600+ hours on BBC... where about 600+ different topics were touched!!!

David remains a personal hero of mine... to enjoy his class and art, browse the a.m. site and order... ORDER the six Granada (British) TV screenplays which were broadcasted in early '70s... it's one of my MOST cherished DVD and I often play it on some rainy Saturday afternoons... and I always have a glimpse of a better world.

For the Ancient Music scholar, here is, repeated "ad abundantia" from a previous post I wrote years ago on the VERY matter...
it's part of the huge archives papers, letters, concert programs, etc written by and concerning DM.... browse freely, as I did for years, now and enjoy!

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