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Monday, September 19, 2011

WJAAS - Hisashi Seo-san's "Cafe-Tohne" in Yonago-shi, Japan

My friend Seo's cafe will be opening soon, on October 5th 2011... as you can see, the place was built from scratch in a quiet suburban area, so the lucky Nihon-jin who will gather at Seo's place will enjoy a peaceful, classy, relaxed environment where to sip a tea or a coffee while reading last (or old...) Musen to Jikken or Stereo Sound magazines or chatting - about music and audio, of course:-) - and listening to good music through some nice vintage gears.

When such a place, so common in Japan and South Korea, will meet the taste of Western audio and music lovers, so often prey and victims of WAF and kids and related in their - once - own homes?!?

It's old culture of "clubbing", now almost lost also in Great Britain and whole Commonwealth, but still alive and kickin' in Japan - i.e. people with very same attitude and interest, whatever it might be, peacefully meeting and interacting and having good time under same roof in a friendly place... easy, don't you?

All my best wishes for the future of your beautiful cafe, Seo-san!

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