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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Wild Blue Yonder

A lysergic science-fiction phantasy movie by Werner Herzog, where stars and time travelling, music and liquid helium seas are mixed with visitors from Andromeda, who planned to build their Capitol and Memorial and Congress, somewhere in... Niland, California.

Music is awesomely serving - and unsurprisingly so, thinking to the director good musical tastes and vision - i.e. the long collaboration of Herzog with Popol Vuh, and their several soundtracks - the extremely slow and poetic filming and the composer/cellist, Ernst Rijseger, interacts with a Sardinian vocal ensemble (Tenores of Orosei), creating a truly seldom heard interplay during underwater (aehm, helium...) scenes.

It's a truly strange and moving movie... also hinting to a possible shiny future for time-travelling, by "Time-tunnels and cosmic hyper-highways"... also suggesting a possible transformation of planet Earth - emptied of all and every human artifacts (cities, bridges... everything man-made) - into a game/vacation park for then-sputtered through the galaxies (ex-terrestrial) humans!

I loved it... my wife and others on Web found it boring... I found it painful, as it someway and sadly shows, as best sci-fi always did, "a" future...

P.S. - musician Henry Kaiser, who spent some months in an U.S.' Antarctica camp (McMurdo Sound) with his guitar (...), years ago, also contributed to the movie, with some underwater/under-the-ice (superb) footage.

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