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Thursday, April 14, 2011

... let's support our local record shop, folks...

... yes, I know... Amazon is cheaper, on Ebay you find sought-after, long-gone stuffs, on GEMM sometimes a collector item comes out of the blue for peanuts... sometimes;-)

... but your record-pusher is an human being like you are and suggests and hints and knows your tastes... sometimes he also accepts your down-payments and postponed settlements, if the case;-)))

It's pure bargaining vs. a relationship...

Yours truly do a mix... say 10% (Amazon), 30% (Ebay), 30% flea-markets and specialty fairs and 30%... at Ivan's, of course!

He's guilty (with beloved Mojo mag) of my being (someway) updated about trends and new productions and artists.

So... let's preserve, respect and cherish our record-shops... world would be a poorer place without'em!

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