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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Astral body, soul and music

... was thinking about last evening concert... Towner and Fresu... I, once more time, found myself strangely unconnected to my flesh & bones body...

Like during my deepest, most satisfying listening sessions at my studio, when it seems I'm loosing my body, I found an absolutely confortable me in pure-soul mode;-) - i.e. I was aware my friend Daniele, my neighbour in second row seats next to me, was quite nervously changing his position - several and several times - during the one hour and a half long concert, while myself I was so deepened in music and its nuances, which, simply, I left my whole body still, in a very relaxed-mode, when I recognized this quite uncommon behaviour and status, I felt so easy and peaceful, I simply unattended the "legs/arms/hands" check-up, and remained in a (sort-of) spirit-only mode for loooong, beautiful minutes... maybe it happened several times, during the concert, BUT I only clearly remember this feather-light sensation when I get the consciousness of what was going on... it was a completely automatic self-switching to this... how to call it... Nirvana.

... my VERY first time at a concert, ever... again, must say: "Music: powerful stuff!"

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