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Monday, November 29, 2010

Michel Petrucciani

He's one of my MOST beloved musicians, ever...

He sadly passed away years ago, it was 1999, BUT his playing, an endless hommage to Bill Evans, Thelonius Monk and Paul Bley, ALL filtered through his melodic and so French/Mediterranean rooted sensitivity, is among the very best of XX Century and still shining through his several recordings.

French Post dedicated to him a stamp, worth EUR 0,46... but an EUR 4,6 billion nominal-value would have been more appropriate!

He's, simply said, carved in my heart as a sincere, amazing musician, a pianist who owned a terrific technique and was able to melt down in his music, remodelling himself as a prince on a white horse.

Please give a listen - if shamelessly not owning anything by Michel - to "Au Theatre des Champs-Elysees", a double disk on Dreyfus label... there is a lot of love and warmness from audience and Michel is at his VERY peak: you won't believe to your ears, both musically AND sonically.

Must say I truly loved Michel's playing on (mighty) Bosendorfer's Imperial grand-piano (like on his OWL recordings, MUCH worth a listen), BUT also on Steinway's he's... unbelivable!

An absolute masterpiece...

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