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Monday, October 11, 2010

WJAAS - Japanese Soundscapes

Japanese Soundscapes

Yesterday afternoon, a lazy flu tinted musical afternoon, I had a listen to a strange disk, Nature's sounds from Japan, and pushed me to approach an usually (or potentially) boring playlist as it was a more conventional disk...

I simply listened to it, laying on the sofa in a VERY relaxed mode... eyes closed, dimmed lights... maybe I also slept...

Maybe not the best way to listen to music, BUT sure the VERY best to flow in a swan fight on mountain lake or a pebble beach and furious waves.

On some tracks the "sound" was nearer to "music" as it can be... track # 5 reminded me of a John Zorn's awesome sax solo concert, a couple of years ago... birds, men... who's teaching who?

This VERY disk is truly a gem... when it finished I felt bluesy.

Sound and music, music or sound? Who cares... it's food for the mind, fueling fantasy and imagination, a movie for the ears, aural National Geographic's stuff;-)

Imagine listening to (volcanic) hot mud bubbles and a gyser exploding in your room or thunders and rain...

Cannot imagine a better Gotorama experience, folks;-)

MANY thanks to Roberto for hinting this.

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