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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WJAAS - G.I.P. Laboratory

G.I.P. represents among the most lovingly, respectful to old Western Electric's stuffs little artisanal workshop of whole Japan.

Their replicas are - simply - the best, and for the vintage adept with deep pockets but wishing to avoid the '30s drivers and relative hassles they represent THE choice.

A friend told me about Kanno's 597 replicas... I had the opportunity to listen to systems using these and they - also superb piece of gears - like the Eltus' Honda-san's replicas - aren't on the same par than G.I.P.'s, which I also appreciated, in a Japanese system.

The difference is in easyness, sounding so natural to awe at every note, while Eltus' - I remember - sounded almost fragile and "honking"... possibly the lesser system I listened to played a role...

Kanno's were quite thin sounding, modern and "hi-fish" in character, while Eltus were almost telephonic... G.I.P.'s sounded simply "right", romantic and quick, beefy and true to life.

Nonetheless, same easyness of G.I.P. 597 Type 3 I find in Goto's SG-160BL... it's not a matter of G.I.P.'s field-coils vs. BL/FRP permanent magnet... it's a matter of - I guess - tolerances, diaphragm centering and tuning and feather-like weights and thickness.

I'm not a technic, BUT my ears sure appreciated the level - very high - of workmanship of G.I.P.'s and a sound to par.

Have a look at their super site and enjoy.

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