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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kang Rimpoche, Don Juan and audio

Say Tibetans: "Gnonmong-Lamkhyer" = transforming hassles in a Path - i.e. using troubles as steps to go high and higher, food for our patience and compassion... to finally find the Buddha's essence within us...

... and Cartlos Castaneda in his "Don Juan's Teachings": a Warrior is the one who walks a Path and the difference between himself and an ordinary man is in dealing with life troubles... the Warrior consider problems and negativities as challenges to his weakness, while the lesser individual adds layer over layer of punishments and fears, never learning from his errors.

A quite prosaic example: years ago, if receiving - say - a flawed Ebay's item, I always fell in a bad mood for days, now I simply fix it, sometimes ameliorating - i.e. I hate different screws in a gear (sometimes it happens on old/DIY stuffs) and my love for quality automatically make me to shop at my esoteric hardware store to solve the "problem" - or better understanding building quality (or poorness).

Also in my just began adventure to further improve and push onward my Gotorama system, I noticed I'm keeping a different approach, more Zen-like, fatalistic, yet with my senses definitely "ON", open to every and any hint, voice, option and opinion.

I'm quite traditionalist and (intermittently) integralist in many aspects of my life: I'm very faithful to my choices and NEVER throwing away something without, at least, trying to understand it and tailoring to my tastes.

Keeping this (good) attitude, without a feeling of over-affection to ownership and a mind openness, that's difficult... I sort-of choose to sweetly bend my mind instead of using an hard hammer on this and the someway new condition gives surprisingly and unexpected good results: things happens!

It seems ALL best life things happen ONLY when they're not pushed hard or avidly searched for...

... ahhhh, the healing power of looking at Kang Rimpoche (Mount Kailas)...

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