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Monday, August 30, 2010

Whistling - our first choice personal audio

Wikifacts about whistling and whistlers

I'm someway deeply fond of whistling... I've never been able to use fingers for those loud cowboy-ish calls, BUT, nonetheless, I always loved this so human sound and I'm rather clever at it.

... yes, I know, also prairie-dogs whistle;-)))... but from Harpo Marx to some '50s and '60s american tunes where a round, beautiful whistle blends with orchestra and jazz combos... well, I always loved this noble and humble art.

I wonder "what" makes a tune good for whistling: it's not only a simple melody, as I'm able, with the support of my inner ear - i.e. filling the gaps left with inside humming and the like, to also whistle complex part, solo and counterpoint;-)))...

It seems a tune worth being whistled owns a very strong personality, a strenght not present in every song.

... as you're possibly aware, I'm a big fan of Robert Wyatt music and singing and composing... I find it both weird and amusing I'm able to whistle looong parts of his "Moon in June" almost twenty minutes long composition (!!??!!)...

I'm not doing this on a stage for an audience... I love TOO much people to annoy with such an "artistic expression",-) of mine... but the interactive, deep pleasure I obtain from whistling the a.m. "Moon in June" is MUCH more than the one I have from listening to it on my iPod...

Strange, isn't it?

It's like the memory loves retriving the melodic lines, as like as the body loves harmonically blowing through the lips... and I'm not telling you how much I love singing in desert church, museum, large hall and the like.

Mom made me flawed, folks;-)))

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