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Monday, August 9, 2010

A VERY musical book: "Il legno di risonanza della Foresta di Paneveggio"

(transl. - The resonance-wood of Paneveggio forest)

It's a fantastic, superbly interesting book in Italian (but with several synopsis in good English at the end of each chapter) with great pictures (B/W and colour) and drawings of luthiery timber which was lovingly published in 2002.

It's 207 pages of rich infos and pure knowledge about luthiery art and spruce, etc. etc. - incl. rare info about old masters like Guarneri, Amati and Stradivari and their building techniques.

It's not an easy to find book, as you have to phisically (no mail order available!!!) buy it at the Visitor's Center in S. Martino di Castrozza, near Paneveggio, in the most beautiful Dolomites' area, Northern Italy.

... but if you're a luthier, a violinist or a guitar player or simply someone fond of luthiery and woods... well, feel free to write to yours truly, as I have some hardcover copies available which I'll keep for friends from abroad.

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