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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Schubert's "Die Winterreise": the best piece of music ever?

Don't know and cannot say... BUT, sure yesterday evening I felt extremely enriched at Toni's place, listening to his 1955 Hans Hotter/Gerald Moore's EMI mono "Die Winterreise".

We compared it with two more Fisher-Diskau/Gerald Moore, much more "modern" sounding, quicker and shorter versions and the old Hans Hotter's was so... so full of meanings, of noble sadness, we both had tears in our eyes while listening to "Der Leiermann".

I swear...

As rivers of ink flowed on the matter, I'll only humbly say I was deeply moved by Hotter's rendition, while the Fisher-Diskau's was barely pleasant... truly impressive, considering the beauty of same score, but filtered by different singers and musical sensitivities.

Winterreise survey

Toni's system was an "emotions machine" and Music was our only sincere concern and flooding us... like it should be.

Thanks to my friend.

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