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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hidden treasures - "The Dawn of Dachsman" by Hans Reichel

After the recent posting about Hans and his site and aesthetics, I had a loving re-listening to some of his discs.

(Among) the most enjoyable proved to be FMP 1140 "The Dawn of Dachsman", later reissued on CD always on FMP, with added re-recording of same tracks.

The vinyl in my collection impressed me a lot, as I listened to it once or so, years ago... my improved audio system frequency response gave to this very disc a seldom heard beauty and fullness, so rich of unheard sounds and climaxes and never ending feeling of "surprise" - i.e. which note will follow.

It's improvising as the purest of musical acts possible... the artist used all his soul and skill to connect himself and the listener to another dimension, where a completely new harmonic and scales and notes and intervals system exists in parallel to "our" everyday world.

"Dachsman meets the Blues" is an amazing piece of music, where "blues" is hinted as an African lament, more akin cotton plantation sweat and suffering days, than the usual, sometimes empty 12-beats stuff.

It's awesome, GREAT music.

I also loved listening in Gotorama to the "Dawn of Dachsman" track, where a fantastic new creature, sort-of, exits from a supernatural egg and screams and moves in soundstage: a truly ugly, amusing piece, also having a superb recording quality, with growly subbases 2D4.


This great recording - maybe more than others by Hans Reichel - deserves a careful listening and - why not - more younger fans;-)

A useful link, also nice for having a cheap listen to this music, before purchasing it on any format (BUT be careful this disc isn't first Hans' disc!;-)))


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