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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hans Reichel: an (extremely) well-kept German secret

Imagine a guy who recorded at home - with telephone ringing in the background and all - his (improvised) music for decades on self-built electro-acoustic instruments, whose far parent once was a guitar, BUT now a weird, alien object with two necks and a common pick-up or a completely, previously non-existing instrument - a Daxophone - and playing as the most skilled of luthiers and ebanists with hardwoods - i.e. Cocobolo, Zebrawood, rosewood, ebony, to produce runic objects, like "mallets" from Saturn and the like; also a successful fonts designer and the creator of a new maps drawing method for navigators.

I'll call him a genius, and the several discs I own, which I cherish and listen to every some years, confirm this.

When I listen to Hans' music I do so for pure pleasure and also to "remember" Hans himself and his infinite creativity "really" exixt;-) and he's not the creation of a Giger-like mind and dreams, but a man in his 60 in flesh and bones... also if he uses an electric-razor to play his "guitars";-)

His site is among the best WEB creatures I ever experienced in my whole life... his cartoons truly are little masterpieces, with a sense of "untold" like only Edward Gorey or H.P. Lovecraft were able to hint.

Browse here and buy "Bonobo Beach" or something with Fred Frith or anything he recorded on FMP. Keep a relaxed approach and... enjoy... differently, BUT enjoy!

It's not music you can whistle under the shower, BUT like Harry Partch or LaMonte Young, Derek Bailey and Evan Parker and other visionaries, this stuff is what really defines the concept of "boundaries" and "creative fever": something elastic like a giant rubber band.

Something so necessary to human-kind like breathing-air.

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