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Monday, August 9, 2010


Theater-wise, stage-curtains and music compares so unfriendly like (trying to) having sex and lacking erection;-)))

... nonetheless, after some elucubrations, I decided to give it a try... no, NOT the above;-))), but hiding the speakers in my studio behind a cool, elegant, yet the most acoustically transparent available... curtain!

I found - and every day getting harder - that listening to, say, Vivaldi's strings or Scarlatti's harpsichord, truly, VERY badly matches with the technically cold horns appearance, leave alone the tubes electronics.

I'll try in the next days to hang two light, yet effective, curtains to cover speakers, like in a Scherazade hide-and-seek affaire.

Will use some old, unused wide textured cotton curtains I should have handy somewhere, also if it will be, sort-of, like using short-trousers at a wedding;-))) - i.e. at home I have 3,05 m ceiling vs. the 3,65 m of the studio... improving the layout at a later date, if successful.

Will see...

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