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Saturday, June 5, 2010

WJAAS (related): shukubo or preparing for next September Japanese journey

... yes, folks... as someone among you'll remember I'm "mildly";-))) fond of Japan, his people and facts...

While having my daily fix of Web news (The Herald Tribune, The Guardian, La Repubblica) I read about Japanese new Prime Ministrer, Naoto Kan-san, recent election, I get curious about one picture which showed a shaved younger Naoto-san in traditiona vests, in a monastery.

Well... I'm nor so famous or important, neither I feel me guilty for something I did to have to go in a monastery to pray for my soul, BUT, nonetheless, feel me very, VERY attracted in living such an experience since I get trapped, last year in Nara, from a male choir chanting and rhythmically playing a bell... I had to stop, in awe, completely captured from those ancient habits... also my friend Fede had to admit the Power of the Sound which this "music" transmitted from behind some paper/wooden walls, in a garden, few kilometers from Kyoto.

I'm searching since some days ago for a couple of good stay, while in Japan on next September, in some old, secluded monastery in the mountains, out of the crowd, the Shinkansens and the onegiri of the everyday Japanese life.

I'll wear an old vest I bought years ago, and sandals, and will sleep on a thin futon and a will awake at a bell sound and will meditate... and will be, at last, part of the scene I only lightly tasted, as a spectator, last year in Nara.

Koyasan Shukubo site

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