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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TNT: Cuaba Divinos and Tortoise

C4?!?! TNT?!? ... much better, folks!

Puffed the last of twentyfive lovingly smoked Habanos, a torpedo-shaped Cuaba's cigar with the most perfect of soundtracks - i.e. TNT by John MacEntire's Tortoise on Thrill Jockey Records and, must say, world is a better place, this evening;-)

BP's fucking oil 60K barrels a day-spill, apart, of course... the bastards apologize with B. Obama and agree about an USD 20B self-fine... BUT are they REALLY aware of the weight of this HUGE waste/blemish on the planet (and its inhabitants) life?!?

Can music (someway) save us?

The healing super-power music has is immense, as I learned this very evening, as I puffed the a.m. Cuaba's on my terrazza, at home, looking at the superb clouds, ever-changing in the sky, moving and mutating shapes and colours, while swallows gave up to bats, in the up-coming night...

It was a music-less evening, BUT the listening session I had before dinner at The Room - TNT by Tortoise, of course - resonated in my flawed mind, as a tide, a clean... THE cleanest, most healing of tides, THE MOTHER of All Tides, ever...

A peaceful force.

It has been one of the strongest musical experience I had in my whole life, as I've been able to emancipate myself from audio and gears and mains!

I "felt" it, more than hearing.

The soooo satisfying Cuaba's flavour and scent and sky beauty evoked the Tortoise's music straight in my mind, something as strong as I never experienced before, period.

I felt, for some loooooong moments, a self-contained, pure, zest-like, primitive quietness... a truly seldom felt, rare feeling.

... and Music, yes, an unassuming post-rock, teenager-oriented "muzak" (no, it isn't ... just kidding;-))) was with, and inside, and around, me.

Amazing, as "that" name for a cigar - i.e. Divinos and "that" childish, alien drawn cover: did you notice the "smoke" on the cover?


... nope...


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