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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Times

Since its publishing, I always appreciated this very book: an honest book where an extremely various panel composed of musicians, famous and not so famous, record industry executives, producers, radio DJs, reviewers and critics, writes about the records which left a footstep in both market and people souls.

In a great foreword, Steven Van Zandt (of The Boss'- Bruce Spingsteen - fame) is straight as an arrow pointing out the merits of such a book... people will sure and always regret for the missing this or that record and musician, and also considering 500 records as a pretty broad discotheque, many fans will sure blame on a record at # 22 vs. 249 and viceversa... Deadheads vs. Beatles vs. Rolling Stones vs. Kinks vs. CSN&Y vs. Funkadelic... impossible to keep the best balance among all parties...

Nonetheless, the book, which I often give as a gift to both mates and younger pals, has a great plus: filling some missing, unknown pieces for the collector and giving to the beginner a starting point, from the bright past to the present.

Maybe "rock" will be studied one day, also in Europe, as a topic worth a Ph.D, like the late John Fahey graduated himself at UCLA, back in the '60s on Charlie Patton and his blues roots.

So this humble, but amusing, informative, cheap book will serve... sure worth, MUCH more worth than the paper where it's printed, folks...

If you don't own it, I heartfelty recommend it, for you or pals... it's a great moment making a circle around the # of the owned disc, for me as for everyone I'm aware of.

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