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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Matt Stevens' Ghosts, Lake Man and other stories

A young musician, Matt Stevens, well absorbed and digested some pastoral settings present in the DNA of his native England's forests and countryside and the results is a nice, apparently simple, but complex and multi-layered/faceted soundtrack to everyday life.

He pays a respectful hommage and owe a debit to (some) John McLaughlin's textures and to some early '70s Prog, but his easy Echoplexed melodies have a childish character (Glide) which reminds to snowy afternoon playing endless hours near the fireplace... but, still behind the curtains and the bow-windows glasses, isn't all said and safe and...

Also reminds me when, some years ago, in Sligo County, Ireland a lady hosted us in her B & B... all was nice, the cliffs, the fences, the moor... but she had DOZENS sport shoes, Adidas, Puma, Tiger Onitsuka... DOZENS men shoes pairs to form a little, yet weird, maleodorant hill near the door... and she was alone... no sons, kids, and husband... men, in sight... then, during the night, she keylocked the entrance door and she got her car uphill on the gravel country road to go... later on, a little bat entered in my nephew room and remained there all the night...

She screamed, of course... and we all hadn't the best of sleeps.

In the morning all the mistery, as the dozens sport shoes near the door, vanished... the lady was kind and prepared a superlative breakfast and she was always polite, full of "You're welcome" and the like... the Vauxhall was parked in the tiny garden and sun was high in the Irish sky...

... yes, pals... I'm, by chance (?!?!) listening to Matt's Ghosts - the titletrack of his last disk, while writing... and it sounds very, mean VERY appropriate and "English";-).

... but all his disk is worth a listen... Matt's site and downloads