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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling at home

A studio, a music room, a space where to cultivate emotions, wellness, beauty in arts and music sure deserves to be called "home"... BUT, isn't "home" where we live?

... or is it where the family - i.e. a wife, children, a dog - lives?

Music-sake, what happens to me, my room and my music as an interaction/interwoving experience is, how can I say... predictable.

I recently brought in The Room my almost unused EMT 930st, as I'm very partial with my King of Turntables - i.e. Shindo 301, TGE's slate plinth, Schick arm in bronze armbase, Lumiere DST, etc. etc. - which is still and safely at home on its 260 kilos base...

The above, with the 4-chassis Thomas Mayer's preamp(s), my Partridge/Emission Labs 300B's and Goto's rig, will be the object of next serious hauling to The Room...

For now, I'm content and I'm getting better in cocooning and nesting myself and my music gears and software, both digital AND analog - tapes and discs - with some easier to enjoy/set-up gears... hurrying up can be an enemy, sometimes!

... so, step by step, dosing my exposure to the new environment, new background noises (the huge, old church bells so near, pleasant, BUT extremely BIG sounding at every o'clock), is paramount.

I'm reaching the necessary confidence and trying to get "true love" from that new place, "love", yes... so necessary to deeply appreciate music in a given place elected as "music room", definitely not a cloackroom;-))).

After falling in love (enamourement) with my studio, for its right size and non-parallel walls and high ceiling, I'm - sort-of - looking for more... Love, indeed - i.e. a quiet, relaxed openess of senses - ears, soul, heart... whatever.

My old trusty EMT 930st and its someway forgiving soundscape and broadcasting nature and details retrival capabilities is, truly, the most welcome gear for the task: not the VERY best, but, after a couple of (sad) months of digital-only, its "home sweet home" character is so much friendly, as it has been able to allow me in getting in touch with the room itself.

I'm now enjoying immensely a plethora of seldom listened discs, using different music as a musician uses dynamics - solo lute and harpsichord for late night listening sessions, jazz for lounging and chatting with friends, avantgarde for fearless, lazy afternoons, vocal, rock... well: you got the idea.

... and my 930st is REALLY an instrument, a musical instrument, I mean, which allows me to properly re-balance things...

It's not a secret, as David Crosby and friends sang eons ago "... Music is Love..."

... I heartfeltly agree... and wish to add: "Everyone heart (soul, whatever...) is home".

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