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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Western Electric - myth and reality

An interesting discussion is happening at Roman Bessnow's always great forum, concerning the real sonic value, pros & cons, of old cinema Western Electric's large baffles, horns and field-coils drivers based systems.

I had several exposures to WE sound (and some G.I.P. replicas, hand-made in Japan) in both mono and stereo configurations: Paris in the '80s, Tokyo in 2009, Munchen in 2008, all using WE 15A-555W mids/597 highs and Jensen's 18" boomers - ALL field-coils/Tungar's P.S.U. - and, IMO, yes... WE's sound means something to ANY serious music/audio lover: impressive, natural, life-like... but someway subtleties shy and "romantically" forgiving...

Have a read to Romy the Cat's threads: enriching thoughts a go-go.

... and, why not, some WE porn

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