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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Luigi Russolo and Horn Addiction in early '900 - a Futurismo dream

... i.e. bringing "noise" into "Music"... the Futurismo movement, with Balla, Boccioni, Marinetti and many others was dreaming about the "Machine" as a possible saver for humanity.
The machine, any machine, was - romantically - seen as a Golem against Death and Hard Work... where Men would be allowed to lay in laziness and pleasure, while those mechanic creatures would have managed all annoying, dangerous and unpleasant jobs on Earth... too BAD, decades before Devo and Kraftwerk, all were wrong...

Luigi Russolo and his horns based "noise-makers" were invented and conceived in 1910/14 and used in Francesco Balilla Petrella scores and concerts and followed and appreciated also by Igor Stravinki... mechanic frogs, wolves, winds, ALL horn-loaded BIG boxes and absolutely cute and beautiful in their fragile appearance... nonetheless, interesting, as "horn-loaded" single-string boxes, sort of a giant hurdy-gurdy, were used as mechanic, man-made imitations of Nature and animals. Very childish... just have a look to the Dr. Mabuse-like's laboratory picture!

Intriguing and weird... dadaist, more than "Futurista"...

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Iain said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I had no idea any of this stuff still existed. I've always found the Italian Futurist fascinating. Are there any plans for these creations? It would be great to have one.