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Friday, April 16, 2010

A well-spent day: the making of a Karlson bass enclosure pair

Today, after some delays, I finally got a full working day with my friend and hired "good hand" Vale and his wood-working workshop.

It's a BIG emotion and a deep pleasure to see something "coming out" from a drawing on paper...

The Karlson bass enclosures sure are among the very best, most natural, still human-sized bass speaker-box ever conceived for home music-systems: their bass with a good, N.O.S. Altec 416-8B pair, is quick, musical, neutral, unboomy, extremely pleasing and truly magically blending with horns and room... the best quality you can afford, the best results, would say Monsieur de Lapalisse (Jacques II de Chabannes de La Palice;-)))

What can I say? One picture says more than one hundred words... so, I'll leave the chronicle of the day spent cutting plywood, sanding, glueing and the like... to some pixes I took - with great amusement of Vale, who called me "a Chinese with the digital machine";-)

I guess someone will be pleased...


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