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Friday, April 23, 2010

Record of the Week - Enrico Rava's New York Days on ECM

... I bought this gorgeous double vinyl record-set few months ago, BUT - shame on me - hadn't the chance and time to listen to it...

... too bad, as the last Enrico Rava's effort proved to be a superb, SUPERB disc... an instant classic from the noblest of sounds in jazz, in the Chet's so burned-in sound-patina, footsteps, heritage and memory, with Stefano Bollani, Mark Turner on saxes, Larry Grenadier on double bass and... Paul Motian on drums and good-vibes;-)

Amazing like an Enrico Rava's disc became an Enrico Rava, Paul Motian, Stefano Bollani, Mark Turner and Larry Grenadier's disc... it's ECM's mighty power - through Manfred Eicher's producing - and also this time didn't fail...

The sensation is the usual, old and new: the amazing experience to listen to the infinite variations of an impressive Aesthetic Corpus which began decades ago and which uses as the most perfect of tools - i.e. music and musicians, instruments and flawless studio work...

New York Days is Motian's and Bollani's and Rava's... and Eicher's... it's always new music, classic and improvised, alternating modal and melodic patterns.

I put side three of the superb 180 grams limited-edition on the turntable platter and re-start breathing after I finished side two... I mean I played in a random-mode ALL four sides!

This shrimp-like listening habit gives to me a sense of freedom and the proof a given disc isn't flashy - i.e. only have a couple cool tunes and I put on side one or few specials - so place them one per side... NO!

Mr. Rava is generous, like ALL his partners and the class is simply pouring, natural as it can be... no higher peaks, as the WHOLE four-sides are of stellar quality!

Recorded and produced at NYC Avatar recording studio, it's both musically and sonically a winner... a recording which really sound gorgeously natural, rich of overtones and dinamycs: who said it's impossible to record with same quality RCA, Impulse and Columbia did in the '60s???

A true "Gotorama Experience" (tm;-)))

Highly recommended to every music lover... hurry up, while supply lasts.


Myrna said...

nice blog

crow said...

This is very similar to Tomasz stanko's soul of things