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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WJAAS - Being a "Stereo Kichigai"

"Sono audiophile wa kichigai da yo!" - (transl. - That audiophile is crazy!).

Time of balance and meditation about the future, folks: I read about "Stereo Kichigai" in an old 1982 "Nouvelle Revue du Son" magazine, where Jean Hiraga was reviewing a normally wealthy Japanese music and audio lover, Kobayashi-san, who - during twenty years of his life and submitting himself and his family to great economic sacrifices - built a five ways ALL horns system which used active multiamping, one of the ten best sounding and most impressive systems of whole Japan!

It's my opinion it's a much more worthwhile (Japanese) tale than others which arrived to our Western ears;-) - i.e the one concerning the cute, brave and loyal Akira dog who waited for his master and owner - who passed away afar from home - outside the JR station for years...

I imagine - more than Richard Gere acting in the role, like in a.m. Akira movie - a Bill Murray or the like in that audio-lover shoes... maybe quoting him as I remember his "Lost in translation"...

Seriously: the elusiveness of the matter makes me wonder "what" really makes me happy during my home music listening and "if" and "when" will happen a definite "stop" to improvements...

I'm - as some Stereo Kichigai from Japan (or elsewhere), and after several years of joyful audio interest and shopping - for the first time feeling the weight of the sums I spent and which I'll spend in the future for music related stuffs... it's not something you do for others, it's a very personal and inner path and trip; nonetheless, as I wrote in previous post about "Audio & Black Holes", yet some strength is needed at some point to keep the best temper and direction.

These days I'm re-considering my bass-enlcosures after GREAT improvements and remodelling of my whole system which I (almost) completed during last months and I'm hearing and reading almost every day every kind of "audio sirens" singing the merits of "this" and "that", in a turbillon of prices and finishes and designs and approaches, from the most flawed to the most technically successful, uncompromised and well built... feel me someway like a sea-captain and his vessel in the deep sea: the most beautiful of places at sundown with calm sea, BUT the worst place on the planet during a storm... and these sirens screams and calls doesn't help...

Sure feel "Stereo Kichigai" enough to go ahead, despite I'll go, carefully, step-by-step to avoid cul-de-sacs and expensive errors...

How I'd like entering a shop asking for what I want and have it delivered after a month or so, instead of having to deal with overseas dealers, countless e-mails, pro-liar-artisans, custom-duties and bank-transfers... and stressful, months-long waits.

This consciousness about being - yes - a Music and Audio Kichigai, gives to me a sense of brotherhood with the above, Hiraga-mentioned Japanese Stereo Kichigai(s): we seems to own a different "sense of money" and its value... a moving piece of music, a sought-after disc, a pleasant listening session are, for us Kichigais;-) more rewarding than a Seychelles' vacation.

There is no rose without stings: a vacation is some days long, Music is a love for life.

Feel me wise... getting older, a little tired (see above), wiser and... Kichigai!

Proudly so, as the noblest of warriors from Edo times, against CWT, the enemy - i.e. - Curious Wives Troops;-)

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Devon said...

I'd love to see a scan of that article. Photos?