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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Record of the Month - C.O.B. - Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart

Alredy owned and appreciated the elusive first disc by C.O.B. - Clive's Original Band - titled "Spirit of Love" a once sought-after wax, now re-issued by Tapestry Records (from Liechtnestein...), BUT wasn't prepared when this afternoon I purchased second disc always by C.O.B. - the title itself is worth the purchase and owning it;-))) - a gorgeous reissue by Radioactive Records: double-fold cover with gorgeous artwork by Paul Whitehead (Pawn Hearts, H to He, Nursery's Crime, Foxtrot, Fool's Mate and the Charisma's logo... the very best of Prog's crop!).

Produced by Ralph McTell, like the first disc, and recorded in 1972 with Danny Thompson (of Pentangle's fame, of course...) on double-bass, and with harmoniums, acoustic guitars, voices, sitars, shenai, gong, tablas... an awesome, timeless gem I wasn't aware of... the original Polydor pressing seems to be MUCH more sough-after and rare than the already virtually impossible to find first one... so, a much welcome reissue, indeed.

The atmospheres are magical... acoustic, psych, prog, folk, ethnic/work music... as Clive Palmer (the "C" in C.O.B.;-)) was founder member of Incredible String Band who, after 1st record on Elektra, obtained his advanced wages from record company and... simply disappeared to Afghanistan and India!

It was 1967 or so...

I read he now make a living in Northern France (Normandy?!?) living simply in a small, peaceful village, restoring old furnitures and clocks and playing very occasionally some jigs with old ISB's pals...

A wise man.

... and a very, VERY fortunate afternoon for yours truly, as I discovered this shining musical diamond... music to die for... smoothly;-)

A masterpiece.

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