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Friday, March 26, 2010

Audio: the Most Beautiful Hobby on Earth or a Black Hole?

As you know, I'm a music lover and consequently an audio fond user and scholar since my teens... sometimes - like in these days - I do a resume of last purchases and deals: records, audio gears, also instruments, to a broader music-related extent...

The grand total (only considering last year...) is something resembling the purchase of a brand-new mid-sized car... this shortened my savings, leaving me with a feeling of being, someway, "unbalanced" vs. other life priorities: not a reality, BUT a definite feeling... nonetheless, a someway bitter feeling...

When I entered my music room, yesterday evening, I sort-of had the shivering sensation that music-system wasn't only a mess of cables, gears, parts and materials, BUT a living/mechanical creature in "OFF" mode, sleeping, yet alive... and hungry, VERY hungry!

An hungry beast, asking every day passing for "more" everything: discs, tapes, disks, tubes, cables, speakers, cartridges, arms, care and attentions... almost a diet for a (Japanese film-maker) Tetsuo-like creature.

A mechanical Lion always hungry of Steel Steaks...

I still fondly remember when I peacefully lived with an all Quad combo: 33/303/FM3/ESL... for thirteen long years I pressed an "ON" button and put a record on turntable platter (a Linn Sondek with Syrinx PU-3 and Accuphase AC-2) and enjoyed music. Period.

... then one day, I began to hear the difference among audio gears and cables, and cartridges and tubes... TUBES!!!

I hate TUBES!!!!!;-)

I spent real-estate amounts for tubes and related...

... as I hate vinyl... I HATE IT!!!!

I spent BIG bucks on those stupid sleeves and black plastic discs... when you buy a rare, sought-after record, you pay a lot... due to scarceness and elusiveness... when you die, ALL those discs are - often - sold as a lot and at weight-value. Very unfair market-laws, at least!

... maybe audio isn't an hobby... it's a Black Hole...

... maybe;-)


Tubes for sound said...

Hey maybe it's time to play some blues?
Yes audio is a black hole, two sides:

1.What you talk about
2.The one we disapear into when we enjoy the music

How many travels and live concerts could you (me also!) so to and listen when to sum the cash spent on audio kit & records to play?

The fact is we need both, and more of both!

Hey are those tubes hot now???

twogoodears said...

...2 = you're right, pal... hey, Tim: I'm deeeeeep right now into Eugen Dombois' S.L. Weiss on Philips Seon... lute is really THE instrument which gives balance to life and its ups and downs...
Always in debt with you;-)
The best of WE to you and dears...