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Sunday, February 28, 2010


The almost infinite declinations of being a "........phile" - you name it: cinephile, bibliophile, musicophile, discophile, motorbikesphile, dogphile... is part of everyone, myself included, lifes.

Wikipedia better defines it... Suffix -phile


* audiophilia: Love of high-fidelity sound reproduction
* arctophilia: Love of teddy bears; especially, an interest in collecting teddy bears
* bibliophilia: Love of books
* cinephilia: Love of cinema and film
* glossophilia: Love of languages
* icthyophilia: Love of fish
* logophilia: Love of words - Logophiles may be interested in word games, such as crosswords, or Scrabble, and in the extreme, derive enjoyment from reading things commonly given less notice, such as labels
* metrophilia: Love of the metro rail or subway systems
* necrophilia: Love (usually sexual attraction) to corpses
* neophilia: Love of the latest novelties and trends
* oenophilia: Love of wine
* ornithophilia: Love of birds
* taphophilia: Love of graves, cemeteries and funerals
* technophilia: Love of technology
* turophilia/turophile: Love of cheese / connoisseur of cheese...

... now, like Wikipedia gave the Olympus (just kidding: only due to the "A";-))) of possible, hobbistic "philias", the audiophilia... must understand if "audio" is better than "arcto"... yeahhhh, I love being surrounded, graved under tons, hundreds Teddy Bears of any size and material;-)))

... seriously, my friend Tim recently, yet innocently wrote, coined "Gotophiles", which is the most correct declination of = people owning, using and appreciating those expensive, wonderful drivers and horns, handmade in Japan;-)))

... so what? Nothing, folks... plainly said, an HUGE, amused, proud, yet humble & ironic "nothing"... all is OK... feel quite nicely and "a mio agio" in that "family of individualists"... Gotophiles... GOTOphile;-) I like it: feel MUCH better being a Gotophile, than a... idiotphile (an audiophile believing everything and ALL the magazines write about the last gear or accessory;-)) or a Teddy Bears' addict... yeah, gimme a fix... I want my pelouche straight in my vein;-)

Of the various "... philias" I joyfully suffer - including a bad "turophilia";-))) - Goto's is one of the most rewarding, ever.

BTW - ... hey, Tim... believe me: we can recover from "turophilia";-)! ... but: do we want it?!?!

Thanks for empathy and giving a smile, Tim;-)

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